Professor Swaine to give Public Lecture on the Role of Science and Medicine in Sport and Exercise

The role of exercise in helping patients to recover from major surgery is among the topics being explored at a free University of Greenwich public lecture in Medway.

The ways in which exercise can help people in many other walks of life will also be discussed, from improving balance and preventing falls to speeding up recuperation after illness and aiding stroke victims who find it difficult to swallow.

Professor Ian Swaine, from the university’s Faculty of Engineering & Science, will be speaking on The role of science and medicine in sport and exercise on Wednesday 11 November. He will also discuss a training machine he has created, a ‘swimulator’, which measures swimming performance but is used on dry land.

“Innovations in sport and exercise range from carbon fibre bicycles to heart-rate based training methods, and from drug detection to talent identification,” he says. “It is a rich area of research producing some fascinating new work.”

The university’s Head of Sports Science, Professor Swaine has a wealth of experience in working with patients in the aftermath of serious operations such as abdominal surgery. He will share with his audience some of the breakthroughs that advances in science and medicine have made in his field.

He has been involved in internationally recognised work on preventing hypertension (high blood pressure) using a little-known form of exercise which involves muscle force without movement. This ‘static’ or ‘isometric’ exercise is currently being explored as a means to prevent strokes.

The event takes place on Wednesday 11 November. It begins at 6.30pm in the Ward Room, Pembroke, Medway Campus, and will be followed by light refreshments. It is the second in the new public lecture series run by the Faculty of Engineering & Science.

To register, or for more information, call 020 8331 9800020 8331 9800 or email