Health and Well Being – Prof Swaine presents secrets of a successful grant application

WP_20160628_09_36_44_ProProf Swaine has presented details of his successful grant-bidding activities to an event organised within the Council for Allied Health Professions Research (CAHPR). The event, hosted by Canterbury Christ Church University on the Universities at Medway campus was organised by Dr David Stephensen (see the photograph of David, with Ian). There were excellent presentations on a number of local research projects involving allied health professionals and keynote presentations from senior allied health professionals from the region.

See the programme here: Health Wellbeing An AHP Perspective PRORAMME 18 05 2016

Phoebe starts work placement

Phoebe started a work placement with Ian on Monday. She is a second-year human physiology student at the University of Leeds and has an interest in how exercise and sports can help with the treatment and recovery of people with medical conditions.

She is looking forward to working in the R&D department of Maidstone hospital and finding out what a career in research involves.

In her free time, Phoebe is an avid rock-climber. She just returned from a two week trip to the Alps, where she spent the majority of her time scaling cliff faces and dangling off ropes.

phoebe climbing

Integrated Clinical Academic Internships Success for Prof Swaine

Prof Swaine has been successful in securing significant funding to host the Health Education England/National Institute for Health Research ‘Integrated Clinical Academic Internship Programme’ for Kent, Surrey and Sussex (2016-17).

The programme aims to encourage individuals within the NHS to pursue a research career, by supporting their participation in this programme. The programme will involve ‘clinical research training’ from academics such as Prof Swaine and ‘clinical research experience’ from a variety of clinicians within the NHS.

Read more about the programme here:

Greenwich – Medway Clinical Research Partnership

Prof Swaine has established a new clinical research partnership with Medway Hospital. The ‘Greenwich – Medway Clinical Research Partnership’ aims to bring together Clinicians from the Hospital and Academics from the Faculty of Engineering and Science. The objectives are to encourage collaborative research work, especially with the intention of applying for grant funding. Also, the Partnership will support student work placements. There will also be a remit to foster translation of clinical invention and innovation by development of medical product prototypes within the Engineering Sciences Department.


Guest Lecture at Kent Surrey and Sussex Surgery Research Day – Friday 17th June

Prof Swaine was invited to present details of “From ideas to recruitment – how to set and fund an NIHR study”. The research day was hosted by Kent, Surrey and Sussex Surgery Research Network and was held at Maidstone Hospital Postgraduate Centre. The event was well attended and there were some excellent presentations of original surgery research work. Prizes were awarded for the best research study presentations. Read more about the event here:


The Centre for Science and Medicine in Sport and Exercise

Prof Swaine has taken a significant step towards re-shaping the research culture within Sports Science at the University of Greenwich, by re-naming the research centre to reflect a broader remit within Sport and Exercise Science to include research not only relating to ‘Sports Science’ but also to include ‘Sports Medicine’ and ‘Exercise Science’.

“The Sports Science team at the University of Greenwich already carried out Sports Medicine research and Exercise science (health-related research), but it wasn’t reflected in the former research centre title and remit”.

These changes give the research Centre a new additional theme – clinical exercise science – which reflects the significant research work that Prof Swaine is involved in, with Medical Consultants at local Kent Hospitals (such as Maidstone and Medway).

Read more about the Centre for Science and Medicine in Sport and Exercise: