Student award for Ian

“I am overjoyed to be given this award and so grateful to the students who voted for me” said Ian, upon receiving his Faculty student-led award for personal tutoring. Ian went on to say, “Teaching is at the heart of my raison d’etre and it’s what attracted me to a University career. I really enjoy interacting with students”.  The awards are made for excellence in teaching-related work, during the academic year and arise from students themselves, who can vote to highlight the academic work of particular tutors.

Ian at the Graduation Ceremony (Rochester Cathedral)

Thursday the 28th July was the Graduation Day for the Department of Life and Sports Sciences at Rochester Cathedral. It was a great day for celebration of the wonderful achievements of Sports Science students, most of whom joined the University of Greenwich at Medway in 2013, which is before Ian started his post at Medway.

“It was great to see the outstanding achievements of Sports Science students, the majority of whom achieved First Class or Upper Second Class honours awards. It was also really great to see Sports Science students being not only awarded their honours degrees, but also being awarded other prizes (such as those for Sports representation at national and international level)”.

Ian was involved in the academic procession, in his University of Leeds PhD hat and gown (pictured).

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Ian finishes his 4-year stint as External Examiner at Bucks New

Prof Swaine has recently finished a very rewarding and interesting 4-year period as External Examiner at Bucks New University. He has been one of the External Examiners for the emerging Sports Science degree programme there.

“I have really enjoyed working with my fellow Sports Science professionals at Bucks New University over the last 4 years. Not only have I had an opportunity to act in a formal examiner role but I have also been involved (in a very rewarding way) in more informal activities, such as emerging research work at PhD level within the Sports Science area at Bucks New. They are certainly a force to be reckoned with, in the national Sports Science field !”.