Ian remembers his part as an ‘Extra’ in Chariots of Fire

During the days when Ian was an undergraduate student, he and some of his fellow students were asked to take part in the film “Chariots of Fire’, as extras. Ian remembers it fondly, saying “We were quite well-paid for it and it was great fun. What’s more, we were fed for 10 days and got a free hair cut – American GI-style ! We were in quite a few scenes, including this one, at the ‘pre-Olympics training ground’. We did this scene several times and we all had muscle soreness the next day, because we must have repeated the same exercises countless times”. It was all part of the Sports Science experience for Ian.

Student award for Ian

“I am overjoyed to be given this award and so grateful to the students who voted for me” said Ian, upon receiving his Faculty student-led award for personal tutoring. Ian went on to say, “Teaching is at the heart of my raison d’etre and it’s what attracted me to a University career. I really enjoy interacting with students”.  The awards are made for excellence in teaching-related work, during the academic year and arise from students themselves, who can vote to highlight the academic work of particular tutors.