Peri-operative Exercise Programme for Elective Abdominal Cancer Surgery Patients Takes Shape


Filming work has begun on the exercise programme needed as part of the National Institute for Health (NIHR) grant-funded project ‘Basic Exercise Training to Enhance Recovery – BETTER (otherwise known as ‘EPOP’). Prof Swaine has had a key role in developing this study and is project manager for it.

The exercise programme is being developed for patients before having abdominal surgery for cancer and after that surgery. It is being developed through a collaboration between Maidstone Hospital and University of Greenwich at Medway. There are additional research team partners from the Universities of Kent, Middlesex, and City University.

The photographs and video footage will be used to help patients to perform the exercises. Patients Malcom and Nobby volunteered to offer their advice in putting the exercise routine together and to feature in the photographs.


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Prestigious grant funding awarded to help cancer patients get BETTER after surgery

A new project to help patients recover their physical abilities after cancer surgery has been awarded £340,000 from the National Institute for Health Research (NIHR).

Prof. Ian Swaine has brought together a group of researchers from across Kent who have been successful is securing £340,000 in grant funding from the NIHR. The grant, which will be used to fund a feasibility study for the project ‘BETTER’ (Basic Exercise Training to Enhance Recovery). Members of the research group specialise in diverse topics such as surgery, physiotherapy, nursing, health studies and exercise science.

The project is the first of its kind to focus on the debilitating problems associated with loss of physical strength related to the after effects of stomach and chest surgery for cancer. This type of surgery can lead people to have difficulty going about their normal daily activities such as getting dressed or sitting upright. The aim of the project is to help patients regain their physical ability through the development of an innovative exercise programme.

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