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Research Interests

Prof Swaine has a broad research interest, ranging from the assessment of exercise performance in athletes (especially swimmers), to the health benefits of exercise. Some of his early work focused on the cardiorespiratory responses to exercise in sedentary people, with a view to applying his findings to patient populations. He initially completed research in this area for his PhD. Prof Swaine’s thesis involved assessment of the linear relationship of heart rate vs oxygen consumption during submaximal exercise testing. Throughout his many years in academia he has also produced papers examining performance in a variety of sports including running (in which he has completed numerous marathons) and cycling.

Alongside all the other research that Prof Swaine has published, one topic has been a major focus since the start of his academic career. Prof Swaine was a keen swimmer and reached a senior competitive level, being the Yorkshire open men’s champion, North East England champion and reaching sixth place in the UK championships in 1978. His passion for the sport is evident in the vast number of research papers published in the field of ‘swimming science’ and especially involving simulated swimming, where he has utilised different training machines that have been available (eg the ‘Swim bench’). Prof Swaine even went on to develop his own novel whole-body dry-land swimming ergometer, and is still involved with this area of research.

Prof Swaine is an experienced researcher and he has used this experience in the supervision of numerous PhD students (approximately 15 in total). These projects have been on various topics, but most recently, Prof Swaine has supervised students in two main areas; one examining Physical activity and health in children and the other investigating the effects of isometric exercise training on resting blood pressure.

Most recently Prof Swaine has worked with a consultant surgeon (Mr Ali) to explore exercise rehabilitation programmes in patients who have undergone surgery for cancer and other illnesses. This work has been based at Maidstone and Tunbridge Wells NHS Trust.